April 17, 2013

My Imperfections to Yours

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, teacher or football star.  I am not one that enjoys others’ pain, I don’t like mistakes, I don’t find gain from others’ needs of my help.  I’m NOT perfect, I’m NOT able to JUDGE anything, I am NOT God.  What I am – is human.  Simply and completely human.  I have a gift – because of the things in my life that I chose to grasp instead of sweep away – to connect with others.  I love that people who may have never talked with someone before about a “secret” find they can talk with me.  The reason being is that I don’t keep those kinds of secrets.  I pour them out to the world for all to see.  My mistakes, my blunders, my successes, my strength and my weakness – all made me become who I am.  Shame heals no one.

I am now opening up my “advice” column.  Again – I can only give you what has worked for me, from wisdom that I have asked for from all the things in life.  If you only give me a partial problem…my answer will only be geared toward what I know.  I can’t fix your life – no one can…however maybe your road can be turned from shame, pain, or “crazy” to one that branches out like a tree with roots that are deep and fruit that can feed others in their weakness.

This isn’t about politics or religion – just issues – life issues.  If any post is hateful, rude, vulgar it will be immediately deleted and never posted.  I will not argue or give anyone the chance to argue here.  All posts have to be approved before they are seen.  You can remain anonymous… I will never post your name – just the issue and my answer.

So have at it…ask me anything…my advice may not be perfect…but I promise it will be real…



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